Programs and Services

Pulmonary Services

Rooms in our newly-renovated Cambridge Wing are equipped with oxygen and suction. Skilled respiratory therapists work intensively with patients to achieve improved respiratory function and enhanced quality of life. Respiratory therapy programs are developed for each patient in accordance with their physical condition and therapeutic needs, and may include pulmonary rehabilitation, exercise training, breathing training and other types of education to ready the patient for discharge.

Aquatic Therapy

A Swim-Ex pool is available for aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy is especially beneficial after joint replacement surgery as the water provides a buoyant medium for exercising without putting weight on fragile joints.

Long-term Care

Cheshire House offers long-term care and end-of-life services. Knowledgeable and compassionate care is provided for long-term residents with chronic illness, dementia and other conditions. Patients are assisted to achieve as much independence as possible while enjoying the highest quality of life. Compassionate and dignified end-of-life services are also provided in a comforting, supportive environment.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Cheshire House provides outpatient rehabilitation for patients who wish to continue their physical, occupational or speech therapy after discharge. Residents from the surrounding community are also welcome to schedule outpatient therapy at Cheshire House. Contact our Rehabilitation Department to get started.

Short-term Rehabilitation

Our team of physical therapists (PT), occupational therapists (OT), and speech therapists (SLP) work to speed recovery and return residents to home as quickly as possible. Our therapists work one-to-one with patients in our state-of-the- art gym equipped with the latest rehabilitation equipment. Cheshire House specializes in several areas of rehabilitation, including orthopedic rehabilitation, for patients who have undergone knee and hip replacement surgery and other orthopedic procedures.

Sub-Acute Transitional Care

Cheshire House provides caring, compassionate, and skilled care in a nurturing environment to patients needing additional recovery time after a hospitalization, with staff experienced in caring for even the most serious health conditions and diagnoses.

Interdisciplinary care plans play a vital role in ensuring that residents’ physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met and that rehabilitation goals are attained.

We specialize in caring for patients with cardiovascular disease, neurological conditions, such as stroke, and post-surgical needs.

Dining and Nutrition

Cheshire House offers restaurant-style dining in our upscale dining room. Heart-healthy menu selections are available. Menus are frequently changed to incorporate fresh, seasonal items. Patient preferences are always accommodated, and a registered dietitian is available for consultations.